Walker County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a complaint of illegal cockfighting at 473 Hurtt road in Chickamauga.


According to Sheriff Steve Wilson, when deputies arrived they saw suspects gathered in an open-faced shed.

Inside the shed was a cage with two roosters fighting. When deputies announced themselves, all the suspects fled the scene.

Eventually, the deputies were able to apprehend and arrest the suspects. Deputies found spurs which are commonly used for fighting, and 11 dead chickens, according to Sheriff Wilson.

A Dade County man, identified as Cody Dewayne Smith, 30, of Trenton GA, was arrested on a felony warrant out of Hamilton County.

According to the deputies, Smith was located inside the residence on Hurtt road, and was taken into custody for Hamilton County TN.

7 others were arrested and charged with aggravated animal cruelty. Along with obstruction of an officer, and loitering.

Shane Lamar Dempsey, 37, of Chickamauga

Michael Shane Frye, 46, of LaFayette

David Brian Long, 37, of Rossville

Christian Lea Nicole Clingan, 22, of Chickamauga

Richard Carter Lusk, 48, of Chickamauga

Robert Edward Clingan, 50, of Chickamauga

Kevin Wayne Smith, 42, of Chickamauga