The local Republican party will be looking for a new chairman when they meet later on this spring at their annual convention.

Republican Party chair Tom Pounds tendered his resignation to the local board and officers after an interview with WRCB TV 3 in Chattanooga. Pounds shared his letter of resignation to the board. It is pasted below.

We have also included a link to the article from Channel 3 at the bottom.


Dade County GOP Board and Officers:

I agreed to a request for an interview with the above Chattanooga TV station. I later was informed the station reached out to several NW Georgia County GOP Chairs for comments but I was the only one that agreed to the interview.

I had already decided that I would not run for re-election for Dade GOP Chair for several reasons and U.S. Representative Greene was only a small part of that decision. The Republican party (particularly in Georgia) has been severely damaged by the recent General and Senator runoff elections. The divisiveness in our State is significant. I have unplugged from post-election State Committee Zoom Meetings because of the accusations and finger-pointing of our committee members on why we lost the Presidential and Senator run-off elections. I have my personal beliefs on the answer to those but they do not align with the majority of Georgia Republicans and that is the main reason I have decided to step aside. Dade County deserves to have a GOP Chair that aligns with those beliefs.

That being said, I was wrong to agree to the interview. I reiterated at the beginning of the interview that I was speaking as a concerned Georgia Republican and not as a voice for Dade County or the 14th District Republicans. Obviously, that did not air. I offered to tender my resignation to our 14th District Chair effected immediately. He stated he was not asking for my resignation.

I was going to resign at our County Convention but after further consideration, I have decided to tender my resignation effective immediately to the Dade County Board and Officers. Our County GOP board deserves to have someone that is more “on board” with the majority beliefs of the County, District, and State on what direction this party needs to be headed in the future.

Tom Pounds


WRCB story: