Dade County Water & Sewer Authority Announces Environmental Impact Assessment Results


Dade County Water Authority has submitted an application to the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority (GEFA) and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Division (EPD) for a grant under the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF). The purpose of the grant is to fund the construction of a new water main along Vanguard Industrial Road and State Route (SR) 299. This initiative aims to ensure a safe and adequate water supply for Dade County Water Authority customers.

The proposed project, titled “Water Distribution System Improvements,” entails the installation of approximately 3,400 linear feet of 8-inch ductile iron water main along Vanguard Industrial Road and about 3,600 linear feet along SR 299. Additionally, the project includes the installation of gate valves, fire hydrants, bore creek crossings, and connections to the existing distribution system.

In conducting an environmental review of the project, it was noted that one stream bed identified as a wetland will require crossing on SR 299. However, this will be achieved by laying the water main atop a 10’ box culvert on the abandoned SR 299 roadbed. Construction Best Management Practices will be employed near the stream to mitigate potential impacts. Furthermore, both proposed water mains traverse floodplain areas but will be installed below grade by trenching, with restoration to existing contours to avoid disrupting the floodplains.

The project’s benefits include providing an additional water supply to the I-59, I-24, US HWY 11 corridor north of Trento toward the Georgia-Tennessee state line, as well as enhancing water supply along SR 299 to businesses, a medical facility, and residential customers.

The project has undergone review processes including an Executive Order 12372 Review through state agencies, submission to the Corps of Engineers, State Historic Preservation Office, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. No adverse comments have been received. The Environmental Protection Division invites all interested agencies, groups, and individuals to submit written comments within thirty days of the notice’s issuance date.

After evaluating received comments, the EPD will make a final decision regarding approval of the project planning documents. No administrative action will occur for thirty calendar days after the issuance of this Notice.

For further details, please visit Dade County Water and Sewer’s website.