Dade County Sheriff’s Office Hosts Self-Defense Class for Scenic City Volleyball Club Youth


On February 1st, the Dade County Sheriff’s Office took a proactive approach to ensuring the safety of local youth by organizing a Women’s Self-Defense class for 12 and 14-year-old girls of the Scenic City Volleyball Club.

The event, held at the sheriff’s new training facility, welcomed approximately 18 young participants along with their parents. The focus of the evening was to equip these young ladies with essential techniques for self-defense and self-protection.

The session encompassed both theoretical and practical aspects, combining classroom-style lectures with hands-on practicals. The instructors dedicated their time to imparting valuable knowledge, emphasizing the importance of empowering young individuals to safeguard themselves.

Sheriff Ray Cross, committed to the safety of the community, expressed the significance of teaching self-defense to youngsters. “Protecting our kids is our top priority. We shouldn’t just protect them, but teach them how to protect themselves! My group of instructors spends countless hours a year providing education to our deputies and to our community. Now that we have our own training center, we plan on extending that training to our community even more. As always, thank you for all your support!”

The initiative reflects the sheriff’s ongoing efforts to enhance community safety and underscores the importance of proactive measures in safeguarding the well-being of the youth in Dade County.