Dade County Schools Weekly Update: All Cafeterias Receive Perfect Scores


Last week was a bustling week of events and accomplishments in Dade County Schools, where students, parents, and staff came together to celebrate, learn, and excel.

The Davis Elementary School (DES) and Davis PTO joined hands to organize their annual back-to-school bash, offering students a chance to socialize and play while parents connected with the school’s staff. A special shout-out was extended to the Davis Volunteer Fire Department for their role in keeping students cool during the event. More snapshots can be found on the Davis Elementary Facebook page.

Meanwhile, DES Pre-K hosted a heartwarming parent breakfast that saw a delightful turnout. Principal Ms. Valtierra expressed gratitude to the participating parents. Moments from the breakfast can be explored on the DES Facebook page.

Dade Middle School (DMS) also played host to its own back-to-school bash, marked by joyful moments and, unfortunately, an encounter with fire ants that didn’t dampen the spirits. Ms. Beeler, an official from DMS, praised the event’s success. The Trenton Fire Department earned accolades for its role in ensuring a fun and cool environment for the attendees.

Dade County Schools’ cafeteria staff received resounding applause as all four cafeterias earned a perfect score on their recent health inspection. A commendable achievement that underscores the commitment to student well-being and nutritious meals.

DES Student Safety Team, comprising remarkable 5th-grade students, was recognized for their contributions in ensuring a safe and welcoming start to each school day. Their dedication to greeting fellow students and parents and escorting students to their classrooms exemplifies leadership and care.

On the sports front, Dade County High School’s (DCHS) softball team celebrated victory, emerging triumphant with a 5-2 score against Southeast Whitfield. The Lady Wolverines continue their journey with an upcoming match against Lafayette Ramblers.

The Dade County Schools 2022 Annual Report is now available, reflecting the achievements of students, staff, and the Dade County Governance Team. The report was crafted with dedication by Ms. Kristin Barrett, who received praise for her exceptional graphic art skills. The district extends its gratitude to sponsors and community stakeholders for their unwavering support.

Stay informed with the district calendar for the latest events, ensuring you don’t miss any exciting developments. The Dade County Board of Education’s regular monthly meeting is scheduled for August 28, 2023, providing an opportunity for stakeholders to stay engaged and informed.

For those who wish to provide feedback, compliments, suggestions, or queries, the DC Connect platform offers a two-way communication channel to connect with the school district.


As the new academic year kicks off, these achievements set the stage for another year of excellence and growth.

For more details and updates, visit the Dade County Schools website and social media channels.