Dade County Schools to Enjoy New Air Purifiers and Seeks New Bus Drivers


John Smith, Supervisor of Facilities and Director of Transportation at Dade County Schools, shared system information on the K-WIN morning news show. Regarding facilities at DCS, the biggest project has been at Dade Elementary School installing new air conditioner uniting. They should be ready to go when teachers return on Friday. Since COVID, air quality has been a priority and DCS has used a grant to purchase air purifiers for every single classroom in all four of Dade’s schools.

Moving onto transportation, Mr. Smith spoke about buses. Since COVID, DCS has lost bus drivers. As a result, routes had to be changed and drivers had to take on more. This year, while there’s been improvement, DCS is still looking for drivers to aid in getting kids to and from school in a timely fashion. The School Board approved the order for new, air conditioned buses which should arrive in September.


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