Dade County Public Library Will Welcomes New Leadership

Starting July 1st, the Dade County Public Library will welcome new leadership at the branch level. Lydia Soucy, a resident of Dade County, will step into the role of Library Manager. The Library Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the branch library.
If Lydia’s face looks familiar, it should. Lydia has served in the Lead Circ role since she began at the Dade County Public Library a year and a half ago. “We are so pleased to be able to find our new library manager right here in our branch! Lydia has proven her love of this community and her exceptional capability in serving our patrons in all our offered services. We can’t wait to see her shine in her new role” says Cherokee Regional Library Director, Lecia Eubanks.
Lydia Soucy has been instrumental in her role as Lead Circulation Assistant. She is largely responsible for the library’s social media content, as well as supporting the rest of the staff in their knowledge of library specific software and resources.
Lydia has lived in Dade County for over three years, and is committed to making it her long-term home. “I have fallen in love with this community, and the place I have created within it. Being a help to the community, and providing a service that is needed by so many has been an incredibly fulfilling experience. I’m excited to be able to make a career of this,” says Soucy
The library’s role in building community is what drew Lydia to this work. “The library already serves the public so well; I want to continue to strengthen community ties, while addressing literacy gaps in other areas of need,” says Soucy.
The Library Manager is also responsible for Adult Programming. “I’ve noticed an increased need for computer assistance in the form of resume help and job application assistance. I would like to develop some programming to address current need,” says Soucy.