Kathy Page, Dade County Superior Court Clerk, is excited to announce that plat & map records for years 1890 – current year are now available online.

Protecting county records and ensuring local access has been one of Kathy Page’s goals since she was elected as Dade County Superior Court Clerk in 2005.

A leader in the Dade County community, Kathy has been looking for solutions that would improve her office, be the most cost effective and deliver superior service to the citizens of Dade County. Kathy turned to land records vendor, Kofile for some ideas. Her choice was Kofile’s Indexing Solution, a technology that images & indexes the historical real estate plat documents and renders those images locally, just as they appear in the original record books.

All re-created historical plat records must be indexed and digitally imaged by indexers certified by the Georgia Superior Court Clerks Cooperative Authority GSCCCA to ensure the integrity and accuracy of data on its online system.  GSCCCA is the state agency statutorily responsible for creating and operating a statewide, online system for providing access to land records of Georgia’s 159 counties.

The Dade County Superior Court Clerk’s office designated land records vendor Kofile to image, index and submit these records.

“Having these historical records imaged and indexed as well as providing an off sight backup has been one of my goals since becoming Clerk of Superior Court.   The online availability will also help generate additional revenue for the clerk’s office.” – Kathy Page

The records are available on the GSCCCA website and locally in the Dade County Clerk of Superior Court Clerk’s office.

For more information on how the Clerk of Superior Court serves you, feel free to contact the Dade County Superior Court Clerk’s office at 706.657.4778.