Dade County Board of Education Proposes Tax Increase; Millage Rate to Remain the Same


The Dade County Board of Education will not be taking the “rollback” rate proposed by the state to offset growth in taxes this year.

According to a press release by the Board of Education from Director of Business Operations Dr. Sandra Spivey, the board has tentatively accepted a 2020 millage rate of 15.330 mills, which is the same as the 2019 millage rate. Based on a formula by the state, keeping the millage rate at the 15.330 mills amounts to a 1.78% rate increase in property taxes for the Dade County Board of Education over the 15.062 mills “rollback” rate given by the state.

The growth in property taxes is being attributed to the reassessment of properties in the county totaling over $6.9 million. When there is a growth in property taxes, school systems have two options – to accept the growth and keep the millage rate the same which counts as a tax increase or take the “rollback” rate.

The State of Georgia is imposing almost $1.3 million in austerity cuts and with the rollback rate the school system would lose $194,000 over the current millage rate. Accepting the “rollback” rate would decrease property taxes on a $100,000 by $10.72. Based on those numbers, the Board of Education decided not to accept the “rollback” rate.

Three public meetings by the Dade County Board of Education on the property tax increase will be held in the Board of Education meeting room on August 10, 2020 at 12 p.m. and at 6 p.m., and August 17 at 4 p.m. to provide further information to the public.

“….the School Board invites and encourages the public to attend any and all of these meetings to ask questions or make public comment,” the press release said.