Dade Already in Compliance with Federal Public Transit Mask Guidelines

Dade County Schools Interim-superintendent Josh Ingle, in his weekly newsletter, informed parents that the Dade school system is already in compliance with the President’s public transportation policy concerning mask-wearing.
Dade County buses are not the only public transportation in our county though. The Dade County transit buses, which primarily carry senior citizens, also fall under this federal mandate.
Dade County executive Ted Rumley has said they also have been requiring masks on all of the transit buses, way before this order was handed down by President Biden.
The following was included in the weekly newsletter from Josh Ingle, along with a copy of the memo from Doctor Voccio.
GaDPH’s Northwest District recently published a memo regarding masks on public transportation. To view a copy of the memo from Dr. Gary Voccio, The Dade County School System currently requires masks on school bus transportation due to limitations with social distancing procedures.