County to Give Updates on CARES Act Funds and Lookout Lake Dam Project


A regular meeting for the Dade County Board of Commissioners has been set for Thursday, September 3, at 6:00 pm in the County Commission room at the Dade Administrative Building.

On the agenda is an update in CARES Act spending. Last month E-911/EMA Director Alex Case announced that the county needed to spend $219,311 of the $731,035 total in CARES Act funds awarded to Dade County by the end of August.

Additionally, an update on the Lookout Lake Dam project is to be given. The full agenda for the workshop and meeting immediately following can be seen below.


  1. Approval of agenda
  2. Approval of previous meeting(s) minutes
  3. Review Personnel Status Report
  4. Board Appointments and/or Proclamations (if any)
  5. Approval of SPLOST / Capital Equipment (if any)
  6. Amendment to Ordinance – Alcoholic Beverage Control – FBI/GBI Recommendations
  7. Resolution (R-30-20):  Reallocation of 2015 SPLOST Budgeted Projects
  8. Resolution (R-31-20):  Budget Amendment #2 to FY-2020 Budget and Other Funds
  9. Resolution (R-32-20):  Budget Amendment #1 to FY-2021 Budget
  10. Resolution (R-33-20):  Declaration of surplus County property and proper disposal
  11. Resolution (R-34-20):  GDOT-LMIG – Local Maintenance Improvement Grant for FY-2021
  12. EPD Local Government Scrap Tire Abatement Reimbursement Announcement
  13. Update on CARES Grant Funding and Expenditures
  14. 2020 Census Complete Count Committee update


     1. Call to Order

     2. Administrative Appearances

          a. Mr. Alex Case, Mayor – City of Trenton

          b. Mrs. Marshana Sharp – Dade County                      Public Library

          c. Mrs. Sarah Dyer – UGA Extension Dade                  County

          d. Ms. Donna Street – Historic                                      Preservation Commission & Historical                    Society

          e. Mr. William Back – Dade County                              Economic Development

          f. Ms. Jane Dixon – Alliance for Dade, Inc.                 (Chamber of Commerce)

     4. Fiscal Matters

     5. Legal Matters

     6. Unfinished Business

     7. New Business

          a. Consideration of all items on workshop                   agenda

     8. Citizens Participation

     9. Executive Session (if any)

     10. Adjournment