County Executive Talks Bridge Projects in Weekly Interview


County Executive, Ted Rumley, gave his weekly up date on the K-WIN Morning News show. He spoke about upcoming work on bridges in the county, starting with the bridge crossing Lookout Creek on Highway 136 down the road from Dade County High School. While this has been a priority matter, work hasn’t begun due the result of closing the road. This would sent traffic down Creek road and back around Highway 11 to and from Trenton. The new plans include a new temporary, one-lane bridge on the upside of what is currently there with stop lights while work is being done to allow traffic to continue. Bids for this 12 to 15 month project will open in January of 2025.

Commissioner Rumley also talked about the Squirrel Town Creek Bridge, which will be the first to be bid out in January or February of 2024. He mentions that Highway 11 will be detoured during the construction. Rumley also mentions the issue of traffic at intersection 299 and the possibility of implementing a roundabout to improve traffic flow. He pointed out that handling the traffic situation is important, considering how busy Highway 11 has become. Overall, Rumley provided updates on various infrastructure projects and emphasizes the county’s commitment to addressing these issues.


Watch the full interview here!