County Executive Discusses Road Maintenance and New Responsibilities Given by State


During his weekly appearance on the K-WIN NewsMaker segment, Dade County Executive Ted Rumley discussed current projects and issues that the county is facing, particularly regarding road maintenance. He mentions the effects of heavy rains on projects, such as the emergency road, work being done on Slygo Ridge Road, as well as Sulfur Springs Gap. Rumley also spoke about meeting with the chief engineer of Northwest Georgia and their discussion on the maintenance of interstate approaches, which the state is now requiring the county to take on. He expresses concern about the costs involved and the responsibility falling on the county. Rumley plans to discuss the issue further with a commissioner in Atlanta.

When asked about the progress of the new Voter Registration Office, Rumley explains that bad weather has caused delays, but they hope to start work soon and have put up silk fences at the site.

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