The Dade County Board of Commissioners met Thursday, March 2nd for their work session and regular meetings. They began with a shout out to State Senator Jeff Mullis. The recognized Mullis and congratulated him for his service. Their proclamation urges all citizens to extend their appreciation to Senator Mullis, whose service has left a lasting impression on Dade County and the State of Georgia

Included in proclamations made were the following regarding the month of March:

  • Intellectual Development Disabilities Awareness Month in Dade County. The Board urges the citizens of Dade County give full support to efforts toward enabling people with intellectual developmental disabilities to live productive lives and achieve their potential.
  • Save Your Vision Month. During this time, we invite eye care professionals, teachers, members of the media, and all organizations dedicated to preserving eyesight to join in activities that will raise awareness of eye and vision health.
  • National Social Work Month. The Board of Commission calls upon all citizens to join the National Association of Social Workers and Dade County Commission in celebration and support of the Social Work Profession.

April has been proclaimed as Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The Board joins anti-sexual violence advocates and support service programs in the belief that all community members must be part of the solution to end sexual violence.

The Board moved on to approve an upgrade for the video evidence software and server upgrade. Mayor Alex Case explained that the current server and software that is being used is quickly being outdated.

The Resolution to Abandon Owenby Filler Road has been consented to (the county will no longer maintain this road, and the Board discussed the amendment to the Dade County Transit Procurement Policy (R-16-23). GDOT requires the county to review the policy every year. GDOT also has encouraged the county to buy American.

Billy Massengale presented on Resolution R-17-23 which is an Adjustment of Scale-house rates and Recycling Center at the Transfer Station. Mr. Massengale reported that currently the approximate cost of our recycling program is $92,500 annually and sought guidance. The Board will deliberate on the matter and act accordingly.

Cindy Dincy of Wildwood spoke to the Board about issues that concerned her. Her concern for her grandchildren regarding her neighbor’s dogs prompted her to bring up the lack of a leash law. Commissioner Rumley explained the Vicious Dog Ordinance which is in place and enforced strictly. She asked if someone’s construction material that had been brought off site and left on their property is something that could be removed. Commissioner Rumley said that he would look into it with her.

Also presented before the board was a possible location in Wildwood on Carroll Road for a wine venue (for tastings, food, and purchase of wine) to the Board. Craft beef would be a part of this brewery as well for on-site consumption.

The board also reported a general fund balance of $4,025,707. Commissioner Rumley also shared that all storm shelters are complete and ready to use. They are located at:

  • The Dade County Sports Complex
  • South Dade (265 School Street)
  • Sand Mountain (249 Davis School Road)

Mindy Haworth from the Public Library announced a new position open. The library is currently looking to hire a Youth Education Coordinator.

Donna Townsend for the Historic Preservation and Dade County Historical Society gave an update on the project at the Old Courthouse. Plumbing has been put in and bathrooms installed. On March 28th from 5:00-7:00 the Historical Society will host a genealogy workshop at the library.

Watch the Full Commission Workshop here:

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