City Commission Looking at a Brewpub Ordinance and Possible Revitalization of Downtown Development Authority


The Trenton City Commission decided to move forward with making necessary repairs and replacements to police cameras due to a change in providers during their meeting Tuesday night. They also will be looking into changing to a different financial software, leaving their current use of Quickbooks. The software being considered will be considerably more helpful with data input. The city attorney is working with Trenton on a Brewpub Ordinance and the mayor reported that there seem to be inquiries from potential investors interested in looking to purchase property for breweries.

Mayor Case brought up revitalizing the Downtown Development Authority. The DDA would be aimed to help local businesses, much like the Industrial
Development Authority aims to assist larger companies and industrial sites. Commissioner Wooten remembered that the DDA was instrumental in several projects in the past under Peter Cervelli. Those interested in helping to revitalize the DDA have been welcomed to do so.

Jennifer, a representative for Tree City USA, had gave an update. Several members of the community helped to clear debris, transplant species of plants, and plant trees. They requested another event at the end of the month to take trees that had been left over from the previous event and plant them in the city park.

Mindy Hayworth spoke on behalf of the public library, showing statistics of library use during the month of January, advertising new books, and highlighting programs. Events at the library can be found on the library’s website as well as on the Discover Dade Events page!

The Alliance for Dade gave a walk through of their webinars for small business development centers. They also reported that they are also looking to hire a Welcome Center manager.

Nathan Wooten presented information about the upcoming 1945 Dade Fair, highlighting performers, requesting road closures, and noting the movement in location for venders and for the car show.

By Matt Wheeler

To view the full City Commission Meeting, watch here!