In this month’s meeting of the Board of Education, an array of academic accomplishments and noteworthy projects took center stage. The event served as a platform to highlight the exceptional achievements within the school district, ranging from the renowned NASA HUNCH program to remarkable engineering endeavors for orbit. Notably, the art department’s recent developments also received well-deserved recognition. The meeting showcased the school district’s commitment to nurturing students’ talents and interests.

The meeting also delved into proposals for vital upgrades to the athletic facilities across Dade County’s schools. The board engaged in discussions concerning the addition of a state-of-the-art weight room, which aims to enhance the athletic training experience for the students. Also included in this facility update was the potential inclusion of a second batting cage. These proposals underline the board’s commitment to providing students with top-notch athletic facilities that can support their growth, development, and achievements.

Alongside the academic and athletic updates, the board presented the monthly financial reports, demonstrating responsible management of the district’s resources. Furthermore, the board discussed reaching to the Georgia Department of Education for assistance in developing a comprehensive and forward-looking five-year facilities plan. This collaborative effort between the Dade County Board of Education and the Georgia Department of Education facilities section aims to ensure that the district’s schools possess modern and efficient infrastructure to facilitate optimal learning environments for students.

The board will closely review the recommendations provided by the facilities section of the Georgia Department of Education. Their diligent efforts intend to bring about necessary improvements, addressing any existing gaps or deficiencies. The board aims to finalize this comprehensive plan by March 15, 2024, demonstrating their commitment to continuously improving educational facilities within the district.

During the meeting, the board also approved recommendations for crucial updates in physical education, with funding secured through a grant. These updates will help to enhance the physical well-being of students, fostering a healthy and active lifestyle. Additionally, the board greenlit central office safety upgrades, funded through a national purchasing cooperative. These measures exemplify the board’s proactive approach to ensuring a safe and secure environment for both students and staff.

In matters of logistics, the board successfully reviewed a garbage service bid and awarded the contract to Republic Services, ensuring efficient waste management practices. Furthermore, discussions were held regarding the purchase of diesel from Valley Oil.

Below is the latest Personnel Report. To watch the full School Board Meeting, click here!

Voluntary Transfers:

  • Ashlie Blalack
  • Jill Brown
  • Andi Curtis


  • Amy Henson
  • Kimberly Patton


  • Lindsey Beavers
  • Kristen Green
  • Loraleigh Patrick
  • Grace Pearson


  • Tiffany Sheppard Castleberry
  • Sabrina Cloud
  • Jasmine Crabtree
  • Brooke Gilbert
  • Victoria Payne
  • Bill Shelton
  • Other:
  • Heidi Maldonado – student worker
  • Bryson Shrader – student worker
  • Kyler Pardue – student worker