A Tip From The Community Leads To The Arrest of A Dade County Man On A Felony Probation Warrant

Thanks to a tip from our community, we were able to swiftly take Hunter Dodson in to custody on a Felony Probation Warrant.
Sheriff Cross received the tip about this subjects location yesterday, and he immediately requested the assistance of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Fugitive Division, due to his location being inside Tennessee.
Sheriff Cross and some of his Investigators met with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Fugitive Division in Lookout Valley, TN and took Dodson in to custody without incident.
“Without assistance like this from our community members, our job is a lot more difficult and time consuming. But, with the help of our community members, anything is possible!! Thank you Dade County! As I’ve said many times before, we live in the best community in the country!” -Sheriff Cross