City Commission Considers Re-opening Civic Center

Trenton Civic Center remains closed at the moment, but will possibly open in time for the holidays.
Streets Commissioner Monda Wooten asked for the re-opening of the civic center to be put on the agenda for discussion. Wooten said she had spoken with Parks and Recreation/Animal Control Commissioner Terry Powell who said he would like to see the Civic Center open as well. Case said the city would not to look at the Governor’s guidelines for gatherings and at CDC guidelines to make sure the city and events were in compliance. Case shared concerns about staffing needed to sanitize the facility and monitor whether or not guidelines were being followed.
Wooten said she had attended events all over the area and just recently returned from New York. Case said he had attended events, too, and temp checks and questions were required upon entering the building, if there is food it was a pre-packaged meal, people were wiping down and sanitizing surfaces on a regular basis throughout the day, as well as the required masks and social distancing.
Case told commissioners they were more than welcome to work on it, but if they do they have to go by the guidelines and will need an employee there to make sure that is what people are doing.
“I’m just making a suggestion,” Case said. “Y’all are the commission, you make the decision on what to do.”
Case repeated multiple times throughout the discussion it was up to the commission encouraging commissioners to come to a decision regarding the Civic Center.
Wooten said she does not want to be the one policing people and felt that people would decide for themselves whether or not they wanted to go to the Civic Center or not.
After further discussion and questions regarding the guidelines, Commissioner Kirk Forshee said he was fine with opening the civic center. Forshee asked questions as well and Case replied that he did not know and had not had time to look at the guidelines before the meeting.
“Ya’ll are the commission,” Case said. “I figured somebody would bring information…Someone that wanted to open it. I voiced my opinion.”
Powell said he would like to see it open, but does not want anyone hurt and Police Commissioner Kirk Forshee agreed adding the city does not want to be held liable. Powell said he would get the guidelines and look them over.
Case spoke about the increase in positive COVID numbers and the amount of COVID related ambulance calls that has been going out saying two from the nursing home in Sand Mountain had just gone out today and the entire facility has now tested positive as have six employees. Case reiterated that temp checks and masks and other guidelines would have to be followed.
“If that’s the way it ought to be done, we should have done it here,” Wooten said regarding the city commission meeting. “This is a gathering of sorts.”
Powell and Wooten were going to pull up the guidelines, look them over and potentially come up with a policy or plan to present to the commission for the re-opening of the Civic Center.
Commissioners approved the re-appointment of Eddie Cantrell to the Water Authority; the appointment of Daniel Case as Chair, Cody Doyle as Vice-Chair, and Phillip York to the Trenton Planning Commission; the appointment of Larry Case as Chair, Steve Hendricks as Vice-Chair, and John Bradford to the Board of Zoning; and the lowest bids for boots and helmets for the Trenton Fire Department at a total cost of $13,861.
The Trenton City Commission work shop and meeting can be viewed at the link below.