A Kroger supermarket in Nashville, Tenn., took a chance on LaShenda Williams almost a year ago, hiring a woman who was once homeless and living in her car after losing two jobs.

The move has transformed Williams’ life, she says.

After having to give up her home because she could no longer afford it, Williams would park her car in the Kroger location’s lot in the city’s Inglewood neighborhood, and she would pray for a better day while she stayed overnight, hungry and alone, she revealed in a heart-touching video distributed by the grocery chain.


“One day I came up here, and they had a job fair. And I sat down at the table, and they said, ‘You’re hired.’ And I remember that day, as clear as day, and I said, ‘What?’” Williams said before she explained she cried tears of joy.

So far, Williams has worked at Kroger’s Gallatin Pike store as a self-checkout associate and has been with the company for 10 months. After six months of working at Kroger, Williams was able to settle down in a new home – an achievement she calls life-changing.

“We are so lucky to have LaShenda as part of our Kroger family,” said Melissa Eads, corporate affairs manager for the Kroger Nashville division, in a statement to Fox News. “Her uplifting spirit is contagious. She has made such a positive impact on her fellow team members, and so many customers as well. We are so proud to have her as an associate.”

Williams’ coworkers have provided immense support in helping her get back on her feet.

“If it wasn’t for the workers in here … When I was hungry, they fed me. When I was thirsty, they gave [helped] me. When I needed a pair of gloves, they gave it to me. These workers that I work with, are my family,” Williams says in the video while fighting back tears.


“When there were days when I didn’t know what I was going to do, they motivated me. They helped me. I cried in their arms,” she adds. “And that’s why I work so hard in this Kroger. It’s not for me, it’s for every worker in here.”