Zakk Wylde To Join Ozzy Osbourne’s 2022 Tour


Guitarist Zakk Wylde will join Ozzy Osbourne when he returns on stage next year. Wylde told Classic Rock, "Ozz is getting himself back healthy, and then we'll be back out on the road."

Ozzy delayed his No More Tours II tour in 2018 after he fell and displaced metal rods in his back. Then the tour was delayed further due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Wylde — who didn't appear on Ozzy's Ordinary Man album and is not expected to appear on Osbourne's in progress follow-up, doesn't seem bothered by it.  He commended Watt on his work with Ozzy on Ordinary Man, saying, "I thought he and Andrew Watt did a great job. And I'm not on the new one either. Again it's Ozz and Andrew. I understand why I'm not in the studio. Ozz once said to me that he didn't want to be the lead singer in Black Label Society: 'You have your own thing now, so go to it."

He added, "I don't have to be involved in everything Ozz does. I'll always be there for him and Sharon. If they call now and ask me to go over to feed their dogs for three days… I'm there."