Wolfgang Van Halen Wants To See How Far He Can Take Mammoth WVH


As Wolfgang Van Halen's Mammoth WVH band goes from strength to strength on the road with Guns N' Roses, Wolfgang is committed to the band being lauded on its own merits — rather than being a side band for him 

During a new chat with Classic Rock, Wolfgang said, "I want us to be viewed as a band rather than a solo project. Growing up I always liked the name of Mammoth and I vowed to use it later in life. For those that don’t know it’s what Van Halen were called before becoming Van Halen. My dad (Eddie Van Halen) was Mammoth’s singer, so that also makes me feel like a kindred spirit."

Van Halen shares the credit for Mammoth WVH's critically acclaimed debut set with producer Michael 'Elvis' Baskette, who's best known for his work with Alter Bridge, Tremonti, and Slash: "I don’t want to work with anyone else. Elvis is my guy. He helped me to find my confidence as a singer. Working with him is an absolute pleasure; Elvis is my partner in all of this."

Regarding what the future holds, Wolfgang said, "I see myself going headfirst with this. I’m having a wonderful time, and it’s exciting to be behind something that’s one hundred percent mine. I want to know how far I can take it."

Tomorrow night (August 5th) the Guns N' Roses / Mammoth WVH tour hits East Rutherford, New Jersey's MetLife Stadium.