Wolfgang Van Halen Unveils New Tattoo


Wolfgang Van Halen posted his new tattoo on social media. The tat is of the logo of his band, Mammoth WVH. Wolfgang, who's uploaded both a photo of the tattoo and a brief video of it being finished off, wrote, "I did a thing. Thanks so much to the legendary @TokyoHiro_SKUNX for the amazing work."

Wolfgang told us a while back that his dad, the late, great Eddie Van Halen, was always a source of advice and inspiration to him: ["He definitely has some quirky lines he gives me that definitely help me out, like, in terms of playing music, 'If you ever make a mistake, do it twice so the audience thinks you meant to do it' (laughs)."] SOUNDCUE (:10 OC: . . . to do it (laughs))

In addition to his opening dates for Guns N' Roses this summer and fall, Mammoth WVH has rolled out 10 solo gigs within the upcoming stadium tour. Wolfgang and his band will hit clubs, theaters, and outdoor festivals in Washington, Arizona, Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Florida.

The Guns N' Roses tour kicks off on August 3rd at Boston's Fenway Park.

Wolfgang Van Halen On Getting Advice From His Dad :