Wolfgang Van Halen has released the lyric video and track for "Feel" — the latest teaser from Mammoth WVH's upcoming self-titled album, due out on June 11th. Fans that download the track will also score the four other tracks already released from the set: "Distance", "You're To Blame", "Don't Back Down" and "Think It Over".

During a recent chat with Rolling Stone, Wolfgang — who records all the parts himself — spoke about how he always heeded the studio advice of his dad, the legendary Eddie Van Halen: "I just get in there and play. What my dad always said is the reason the rhythm section is so tight is, it’s me. Normally with a great rhythm section, they’re really tight because they know exactly what each other are doing. When it comes to drums, and bass, I know exactly what I did with each part so I can kind of react with it, and it goes hand in hand."