Updated Official John Lennon Merch Available Now


A bunch of new items have been uploaded to the revamped merch store at JohnLennon.com. The new t-shirts, vinyl products, and apparel are mainly tying in with the Super Deluxe John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band box set coming on April 23rd.

There are various t-shirts utilizing the artwork for Lennon's early singles "Give Peace A Chance" and "Instant Karma," along with Plastic Ono Band tote bags, a striking new psychedelic vintage-styled "Look At Me" tee, pins, lithos, magnets, and more.

Heart's Ann and Nancy Wilson caught the Beatles' third-to-last show on their final tour on August 25th, 1966 at the Seattle Coliseum. Ann Wilson told us that John Lennon's infamous "Bigger Than Jesus" statement — and the way he handled the backlash the group faced that summer — has always stuck with her: [“Well, one of my favorite moments of John Lennon, was where he put his foot in his mouth and said the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. I mean, he was taken out of context, of course. But when he realized in front of the world’s stage, that he — the great John — had to come up and apologize, and how he handled that. He was so vulnerable — at that press conference, y’know the one I mean. The one where he goes, ‘I said what I said and it was taken out of context and I meant it about England and now it’s all this!’ And you saw that he was like a vulnerable kid, really. And in that moment had to realize his power. I think that was an incredible moment for John. There were so many in his life. But that, I think was a defining moment in his character, for me.”] SOUNDCUE (:46 OC: . . .  character for me)

Ann Wilson On John Lennon :