Upcoming David Bowie Box Chronicles ‘Hunky Dory’ Era


Coming on November 25th is David Bowie's Divine Symmetry, a newly compiled a four-CD, one Blu-ray box set celebrating "the 12 months leading up to the release of the album Hunky Dory in December 1971 via home demos, BBC radio sessions, and live and studio recordings." The collection contains 48 previously unreleased tracks/demos and new alternative mixes of Hunky Dory tracks by original co-producer Ken Scott.

The package features two new books — a 100-page hardback featuring exclusive memorabilia and photos, alongside a 60-page replica composite of Bowie’s notebooks from the era featuring handwritten lyrics, costume drawings, recording notes, and set lists.

During a 1973 chat with the BBC, David Bowie looked back to his pre-glam period, which was based far more in straight on androgyny than his then-Glam-based fashions: ["Long hair quickly got dissipated. I mean, I used to be able to stop traffic quite easily by just walking down the street. . . Just 'cause I had long hair. I'm very much a character when I go onstage, I feel. I believe in my part all the way down the line. But, I do play it for all it's worth."] SOUNDCUE (:14 OC: . . . all it's worth)

David Bowie On Playing A Part :