U2 Premiers New Song In Vegas


Over the weekend, U2 took to Fremont Street in Las Vegas for the world premiere of their new song, “Atomic City.” The band was staged on a flatbed trailer as it rolled through the area with 250 extras and onlookers just before midnight. As they filmed, Bono joked to the crowd that it was a “low budget” video.

He said to the audience: “We hope you like this song, it was written about you. It’s called ‘Atomic City,’ which is an old nickname for Las Vegas. I don’t know if you knew that. We just recorded this song last week.”

U2 performed the song multiple times to a pre-recorded track with live vocals, so that they could capture the video.

It’s the band’s first performance since The Joshua Tree Tour wrapped in India in December 2019.

“Atomic City” is expected to drop ahead of the band’s residency at The Sphere in Vegas.