The Black Crowes Release ‘Brothers Of A Feather’ Concert Film


Out now via Amazon Prime's streaming video channel, Coda Collection, is the Black Crowes' Brothers Of A Feather concert film. The movie captures brothers Chris and Rich Robinson performing acoustically as a duo on March 6th, 2020 at The Chapel in San Francisco just prior to the pandemic shutting everything down.

We caught up with Chris Robinson, who told us that putting the Crowes' reunion on ice for a year only strengthened the rebuilding of his and brother Rich's relationship: ["I think if one thing feels different, (it's) that we had this year. There's pressure involved, of course. Right? It's a gig. But, Rich and I have had this time to just maintain, being brothers and, y'know, mom's 82. She's in Nashville. Rich's youngest one had a birthday, y'know? Rich and I are on the phone three or four times a week — not discussing the family business — we're just, like, y'know whatever. . .  family [bleep] and the kids — and just the normal stuff."] SOUNDCUE (:27 OC: . . . the normal stuff)

Chris Robinson On Becoming Brothers With Rich Again :