The Beach Boys Dive Into Media Archives To Promote New Box Set


The Beach Boys have just dropped the first of three new promo clips ahead of the group's long-awaited new box set, Feel Flows: The Sunflower & Surf's Up Sessions 1969-1971, which drops on Friday (August 27th). 

The clips, which were created by the band with consultant Howie Edelson and filmmaker Justin Kreutzmann, spotlight the era in which the groupentered into the 1970's and clawed their way back from the verge of irrelevancy into becoming one of the most progressive acts touring the college circuit.

Feel Flows – The Sunflower And Surf's Up Sessions 1969-1971, includes an incredible 135 tracks, including 108 previously unreleased tracks, live recordings, radio promos, alternate versions, alternate mixes, isolated backing tracks and a cappella versions, culled from the band's recording sessions.

One of the highlights on the set is a track from Dennis Wilson's first solo single, "Lady (Fallin' In Love)." Wilson biographer and West Coast documentarian Jon Stebbins shed light on the track: ["I think it kinda represents when Dennis was first considering a run at a solo record. He released it in Europe as a solo single in 1970 — 'Fallin' In Love,' I think, was the original working title for it. But I believe that the song was written about Dennis' wife Barbara, who he was married top at the time. (It's) very typical of the kind of things that Dennis was writing around that time — especially about Barbara."] SOUNDCUE (:22 OC . . . especially about Barbara)

Jon Stebbins On Dennis Wilson’s ‘Lady’ :