Sting Working On First Original Album In Four Years


Sting is currently working on his first album of original songs since the 2016 release of his Top 10 hit, 57th & 9th. During a chat with, Sting shed light on his current process, explaining, "It will hopefully be a new album. At the moment, I call it 'preparing canvases.' In other words, I’m getting music into the form of songs and at a later stage, it will present itself as a record or a theme. It’s in very early stages at the moment."

Sting, who's been in quarantine with his family in Britain, touched upon the ongoing pandemic, saying, "I’m concerned with what’s happening in the world, even though we are living in this idyllic situation. We are not separate from what’s going on on the planet at the moment in terms of the coronavirus and in terms of the political situation. We are very connected to that and so this allows us to objectivity, if you like, to think about those issues."

He added, "We can’t be divorced from the world. That’s not the point of creativity. We’re not in an ivory tower. It’s a very worrying time in the world and it’s hard to know what to say that will be useful. You have to be very considerate about what you do say, so it’s not easy. But that’s my job and that’s (my wife) Trudie’s job as well. We both have to reflect on the world and try to influence it for the better."

Sting told us that the process of songwriting today means far more than it did during his '80s hitmaking heyday: ["When I was younger and writing music, everything I did seemed to be commercial. I seemed to have my finger on the pulse and so it was easy. As I get older, I, I feel I don't have my finger on that commercial pulse — but, at the same time, I think the music means more to my soul. I make music because it's its own reward. So, it's nice to have a hit record. It's nice to get royalties and all of that stuff, but music feeds my soul and it does so increasingly."] SOUNDCUE (:27 OC: . . . does so increasingly)

Sting On Songwriting Feeding His Soul :