Sting On Vaccines: ‘I’m Old Enough To Remember Polio’


Sting let it be known he believes in science and is unabashedly pro-vaccine. The former Police bassist releases his latest studio set, titled, The Bridge, on November 19th, and deals specifically with the effect the pandemic has played in our lives.

Since covid shut the world down, Sting has been scrambling to reschedule dates across the globe. During a chat with The Los Angeles Times, Sting was asked about the return of live music in the face of the delta variant: "We’re in a wait-and-see mode. Everyone should feel safe — the audience, the artist, the people working the show. I’m hoping the vaccines will really start to kick in by the time our show starts. I’m very much in favor of vaccines. . . I had no doubt about it. I’m old enough to remember polio — kids in my street who were crippled by a disease that was eradicated very quickly by vaccines. So I have no truck with people who doubt their effectiveness."

When pressed about Eric Clapton and Van Morrison's overtly negative takes on vaccinations and how they should affect the gathering of crowds, Sting said, "We’re all entitled to our opinions. But I think that’s a dangerous thing to be telling people: 'Don’t trust the vaccines.' I mean, where does this come from? I’m not sure where the science is to support that."

Sting told us he always managed to keep up with what's going on across the world stage: ["I'm very plugged into what's going on politically. I read The New York Times every day and I read the op-ed page and the editorial, and I do the same in London with the newspaper. So, I know what's going on. So I don't feel, uh, disconnected in that way."] SOUNDCUE (:14 OC: . . . in that way)

Sting kicks off his eight show "My Songs" Las Vegas residency on October 29th.

Sting Keeps Up With World Affairs While Touring :