Squeeze Drops New Live EP


Out now is a new concert EP from Squeeze, titled Best Of Squeeze Live. Included on the new six-track set recorded live in San Francisco's Fillmore are such classics as "Tempted," "Up The Junction," "Annie Get Your Gun," "Another Nail In My Heart," "Some Fantastic Place," and "Cool For Cats."

Although band leaders Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook had been hesitant in the past over using the Squeeze moniker without a majority of its classic members, Glenn Tilbrook told us that, basically anything he and Chris Difford write and record together can only be labeled "Squeeze": ["Rather foolishly, from my point of view, anyway, I was very into the idea that a band is a certain set of people, and then if that set would be blown around, it's not that band anymore. Now, I see it differently, although there are similarities, because, I think this version of Squeeze that we have now is a proper band. It's not me and Chris and anonymous people; it's people who have character and personality, and play, brilliantly — very differently to the old Squeeze. But, I think that's. . .  that's a blessing. You don't wanna go on doing what you've already done. You wanna break out somewhere else and do something that's interesting to everyone."] SOUNDCUE (:31 OC: . . .  interesting to everyone)

As it stands now, Squeeze has only two U.S. show on the books. The band will play on September 14th in Washington, D.C. at The Wolf Trap and on October 5th in Saratoga, California's Mountain Winery.