Just released is The Collection: Slash, a premium, hardcover coffee-table photo book where the Guns N' Roses guitarist gives the personal lowdown on all of his classic instruments used throughout his career on stage and in the studio.

The book is available now in Custom, Deluxe, and Standard editions via Gibson.com. The Collection: Slash Custom edition is the only edition of the book limited to 500 copies worldwide, and hand-signed by Slash himself.

Due to the success of the premium Custom and Deluxe editions, Gibson Publishing announced a new Standard edition of The Collection: Slash. The Standard edition "offers a widely accessible version of the coffee-table book featuring 364 pages in hardcover, in a slightly more compact size." The Collection: Slash Standard edition sells for $149.

Slash told us a while back about meeting late guitar legend Les Paul, who was his personal hero: ["Really the most memorable thing was when he and I first met, and he really had no clue who I was, and we were sort of thrown onstage together. And so he sort of, y'know, basically wiped the stage floor up with me that particular night, and so jamming with Les for the rest of my career was sort of like a barometer of how good I was getting on guitar from that point on."] SOUNDCUE (:23 OC: . . . that point on)

Guns N' Roses will next perform on June 30th at London, England's Hyde Park.

Slash On Les Paul :