Coming on June 18th is Sheryl Crow's streaming concert performance, titled Sheryl Crow: The Songs And The Stories. Crow will perform the global livestream in the “little church” — a private meditative space on her Nashville property. The show, which will feature never-before-heard stories along with deep cuts and greatest hits, will be filmed “in stunning multi-camera high definition video.” Tickets go on sale Thursday, May 20th here:

Sheryl Crow said in the livestream's announcement: “Doing a solo show like this is challenging and exhilarating. Presenting these songs in a new way is exciting for me — this is not a usual acoustic show, those can be great, but this is something different.”

Over the past 25 years, Sheryl Crow's work has been able to blur the line between classic rock, Top 40, adult contemporary — and is now fully embraced by a legion of country fans: “It's really odd because the stuff I play now that's on my earlier records is actually probably more country than what is at the country format, and I'm noticing that my fan base, they must all listen to country music now. It's the place where you hear songs and you hear guitar solos and you hear a lot of traditional songwriting, and I feel like they, like me, have kind of moved over to the country format cause that's where you hear songs about people and about things and that are lyric-driven and so I'm noticing that my fan base is still intact and we're just hopefully building a fan base as we play these country markets, so it feels natural. It doesn't feel . . . I definitely feel like I'm the new kid, but I'm the oldest new kid there (laughs.)”

Sheryl Crow On Being The New Kid :