Roger Daltrey Hints At New Who Project


Roger Daltrey spoke about future Who projects and the band being forced off the road due to the pandemic, during a webcast interview on Daltrey answered fan questions posed by his old friend, and the band's webmaster, famed artist Richard Evans.

When pressed about the new Who music Pete Townshend has been working on for the band during lockdown, Daltrey sounded positive — but still cryptic: “We did have a conversation about something — I don't wanna talk about it, 'cause it might never happen. It sounded very promising and the only person that could do it would be Pete, and if he writes it, let's see where we are. But, I mean, I don't know what the point of a new Who album would be? I mean, I ended up. . . the last Who album (laughs) cost me money to make (laughs) — I don't know if I'm gonna carry on for that very long, because at the moment, y'know, we're all out of work. I've got savings, but they won't last forever. We're much better off than most, but it won't go on forever and I can't go on paying to make music. That's a fool's game, y'know?”

Daltrey admitted that being forced off the road indefinitely has left him a bit shaken: “This not being able to do it all of a sudden — not being allowed to do it in public — has made me realize how much a part of my life live singing is, and how much a part of me it is. I've never really had to consider it before 'cause it's always been there. But, God, I really miss it, gettin' that part of me that goes into that zone on the stage with those songs and bring them to life — that's a huge, enormous bit of my personality that's not been there for the last six months. It's weird.”

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