Report: The Who Adding Live Acoustic Disc To 2019 ‘WHO’ Album


According to several online listings, the Who will reissue its 2019 WHO album, with a bonus disc of live acoustic tunes. This postings list an October 30th release for the set, which includes a seven-track bonus disc culled from the Who's four mini-sets — two each — on February 12th and 14th, 2020 at the 2,000-capacity Pryzm in Kingston-Upon-Thames, England, marking the smallest venue the band had played in over 40 years.

The tracklisting to the new live, acoustic bonus disc is reportedly: Intro, "Substitute," "Squeeze Box," "Tattoo," "The Kids Are Alright," "Break The News," "She Rocked My World," and "Won't Get Fooled Again."

Roger Daltrey explained to us that he made a concerted effort to make the new Pete Townshend songs written for 2019's WHO his own: ["It's been important for Pete, because he just doesn't want to be seen as someone who's just going out peddling what he did 50 years ago. He's still current. And the stuff he's writing now, the new stuff will prove that. I thought, 'Well, this is great Pete Townshend stuff, but it's a Pete Townshend solo album.' But then I listened and found a way to get into it, and climb into it with my voice and who I am, and it's good. I'm not just blowing our trumpet — it's good stuff."] SOUNDCUE (:23 OC: . . . it's good stuff)

Roger Daltrey On Finding His Place In New Who Material :