All signs are pointing to Metallica releasing a deluxe version of its 1991 self-titled classic, dubbed, "The Black Album." Blabbermouth reported, "Metallica shared a video of the band performing the song 'Wherever I May Roam" during a San Diego concert in 1992. It was accompanied by the caption 'And the road becomes my bride. . . ' — San Diego 1992' along with the hashtags '#fbf,' '#BlackAlbum2021' and '#ComingThisFall.' The Facebook and Instagram posts have since been edited to remove the '#ComingThisFall' hashtag, but the hashtag can still be found in the Facebook post's edit history."

Back in 2018 the band reissued a deluxe version of …And Justice For All, with a promise of "The Black Album" coming soon. No release date has been announced.

"The Black Album" was Metallica's biggest commercial breakthrough, producing five singles and making them one of the most popular rock bands in the world. Former bassist Jason Newsted told us that at the time, Metallica was eager to make a big leap forward: ["Everybody was ready. We pulled in somebody that could control us for a second and harness us for a second. That transpired. Everybody put their nose to the stone and worked hard, like Metallica always did, and then we got the fruits from it. Years later, it's still, well, maybe is the biggest selling album in America for, I don't know, for a long time."] SOUNDCUE (:16 OC: . . . a long time)

Jason Newsted Recalls Making Metallica’s ‘Black Album’ :