Quick Takes: Kiss, Flea, Dave Navarro, Bret Michaels

  • Kiss guitarists Ace Frehley, Vinnie Vincent, and Bruce Kulick all appeared together for the first time on Saturday night (May 28th) Creatures Fest in Nashville. The mini set featured bassist Shane Smith from the Kiss tribute band You Wanted The Best and included Vincent playing his signature pink Gibson Flying-V, decked out in full "Ankh Warrior" Kiss stage makeup, while standing on a reproduction of Kiss' early-'80s tank stage design.
  • The musicians played along to a drum track and tackled "I Love It Loud," "War Machine" with Bruce Kulick, along with Ace Frehley joining them for the early favorites, "Deuce" and Cold Gin."
    • The night before (May 27th), original drummer Peter Criss joined Ace Frehley and his band for a pair of early favorites "Strange Ways" from 1974's Hotter Than Hell and "Hard Luck Woman" from 1979's Dynasty. (Ultimate Classic Rock)


  • Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea appears in the new Disney+ Star Wars series, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Flea portrays the bounty hunter Vect Nakru, who has been given the task of abducting a young Princess Leia. The Chili Peppers next perform on June 4th in Seville, Spain at Estadio La Cartuja De Sevilla. (Loudwire)


  • Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro revealed that he's among those suffering from the dreaded "long Covid." Earlier this month, Jane's was forced to pull out of  the Welcome To Rockville festival due to Navarro, with Perry Farrell enlisting his other band, Porno For Pyros to perform instead.
    • Navarro posted on Instagram: "I'm one of the ones who came down with the 'long haul Covid'. Been sick since December and supposedly will be back to my old self in. . . nobody knows how long. If there are any of you who are still suffering long after your negative results, I'm just saying you aren't alone. The fatigue and isolation is pretty awful but try to spend your time with the ones you love and stay creative. That's how I'm trying to get through this thing. Also lots of spiritual practices, meditation and yoga have been very helpful. I'll be ok, just don't know when."


  • Poison's Bret Michaels ensured fans that what they hear is what they get at the band's shows. Blabbermouth transcribed some of the frontman's chat with Boise radio station 96.9 The Eagle, in which he explained, "I warm up. I do stuff. . . Because let's be really honest — the fans are traveling; they're coming out to see you; they want a good show. For me, I wanna put on a badass show — I wanna sing good, I wanna sound good. And you've gotta remember. . . we don't use anything — There's no backing tracks. We sit at soundcheck and work on those harmonies, we work on making it sound good. That's what I set out to be, a musician, so you've gotta be able to bring it."
    • Michaels went on to admit, "I'm not gonna lie to you. One stretch I was doing solo (dates) and Poison (shows), and I did 14 in a row. And that beat my voice up pretty good. But then I had to take a little medication, got through it, for the voice, and then had a day off and got it to heal. And I'm good to go." (Blabbermouth)