Quick Takes: Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Steely Dan

  • Eric Clapton has just issued a new surprise single, titled, “Pompous Fool.” There's been no word whether the track is a teaser for a new album or just a one-off tune. The audio popped up on “Slowhand's” social media platforms on Thursday (July 7th) with zero information or fanfare.
  • Bob Dylan's newly taped, one-of-a-kind recording of “Blowin' In The Wind” sold for a whopping $1,769,508 million on July 7th at Christie’s in London. The T-Bone Burnett-produced track, “was recorded directly to a newly invented kind of acetate recording, which Burnett calls an 'Ionic Original.' Although it is a new format, with reportedly higher fidelity and a coating that is said to make it almost impervious to normal wear-and-tear, the 10-inch disc can be played on a normal record player.” (Variety)
  • A previously unheard Steely Dan cover of Joni Mitchell's 1971 Blue classic, “Carey” has made its way online. According to reports, the track is said to have been cut back in 2001 for incision of 2007's A Tribute To Joni Mitchell collection. (Rolling Stone)