Pearl Jam Guitarist Says New Album Is ‘Heaviest In A Long, Long Time’


Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard shed light on sessions for the band's forthcoming album. While talking to Seattle's KPNW, Gossard revealed, "We’re getting close on finishing a record with (producer) Andrew Watt. He’s been a pop producer for years but he loves rock and we are making a great record, probably the heaviest record we have done in a long, long time. There’s some really exciting things on it that makes us go. 'Oh wow, this was all worth it.'"

Gossard's side project, Brad, has just dropped the video for its latest track, titled, "Hey Now What’s The Problem?" The tune is the lead single to the band's new album, In The Moment That You’re Born, which drops on July 28th.

Not too long ago, Stone Gossard explained to us Pearl Jam's mindset upon hitting the studio for a new project: ["It's very difficult to set out to do something and achieve it, as opposed to just each song, try to make it as good as you can. We set out more like, we're gonna make a record and we know we're gonna — everyone's gonna write some songs, and we're gonna try to do the best for each of those songs and then we're gonna see what we've got at the end and figure out how to put 'em together, y'know? It's much less planned than you would imagine."] SOUNDCUE (:20 OC: . . . you would imagine)