Paul McCartney’s New Spotify List Looks To The Stars And Skies


Paul McCartney has just uploaded a new 10-song Spotify playlist on his official site — and has chosen tunes that spotlight the "stars and skies" for September's list.

The new tracklist was posted with an introduction that reads, "As the long summer days come to an end and the nights are drawing in, we’ve been looking to the skies and the stars for cosmic inspiration. Whether you religiously track your daily horoscope, make wishes on shooting stars or you look out for 'Venus And Mars' in the night sky – the 'final frontier' has been a been a source of fascination for everyone, including Paul. . . So go on look through your telescope for 'The Kiss Of Venus,' dance in the 'Monkberry Moon Delight' and grab your headphones as we let the cosmos do the talking."

The new playlist features one of Paul McCartney's earliest and most beloved solo instrumentals, "Hot As Sun/Glasses." He explained that over the years, the original McCartney album — which was recorded partially at home — has become known as rock's first "indie" album: ["It has got a sort of 'indie' thing. Y'know, it's now what would be called an 'indie' thing. To me, then, it was just for me, knockin' around experimentin' with some sounds and not worrying how it was gonna turn out. I think that was one of the secrets. With this stuff it was like, I wasn't really doing it with anything in mind; it was only when I had a bunch of the songs together and people started to say, 'Well, that's your new album, is it?' 'I said, Well, not. . . no. . .' 'Well, it sounds like it.' And I was persuaded."] SOUNDCUE (:30 OC: . . . I was persuaded)

Paul McCartney's "stars and skies" Spotify playlist for September 2021:

"The Kiss Of Venus" – McCartney III (2020)
"Hot As Sun/Glasses" – McCartney (1970)
"Calico Skies" – Flaming Pie (1997)
"Monkberry Moon Delight" – Ram (1971)
"Feet In The Clouds" – Memory Almost Full (1997)
"Ou East Le Soleil?" – Flowers In The Dirt (1989)
"Venus And Mars" – Venus And Mars (1975) 
"Loup (1st Indian On The Moon)" – Red Rose Speedway (1973) 
"Sunshine Sometime" – Ram (Deluxe Edition) – 1971 
"The Kiss Of Venus (Dominic Fike version)" – McCartney III  Imagined (2021)

Paul McCartney On ‘McCartney’ Being An ‘Indie’ Album :