Paul McCartney Pushes New Album Back A Week


It looks like fans will have to wait a bit longer for Paul McCartney's upcoming McCartney III album. The set, which was due out on December 11th, had its release date pushed a week due to production snafus. Sting has run into the same glitch with his Duets collection, which has now been pushed to 2021 — with the delay attributed to covid-related production issues.

McCartney's company MPL (McCartney Productions Limited) issued a statement regarding the McCartney III delay:

Unforeseeable production delays have forced the release date of Paul's all-new all-Paul album 'McCartney III' to be moved back one week to December 18, 2020. Thank you to everyone for your patience, support and excitement for the album. We can't wait for you to hear it! – MPL

While promoting the new McCartney III set on BBC Radio, Paul McCartney touched upon his first self-made creation — the legendary 1970 McCartney album, which was recorded during the Beatles' breakup: ["For me, like everyone, music is a great thing. So, yeah, it really did help me through that period. Just me on my own, just doing, y'know, indulging myself; which it kind of was, y'know? But, I like that, and I thought, there's something here, y'know? And I got messages from some people, saying, 'Oh, I love that it's so, sort of, laid back, and it doesn't give a damn'-kind of thing.' So, yeah, people tend to, sort of, think better of it now."] SOUNDCUE (:24 OC: . . . of it now)

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