Paul McCartney has just uploaded a new 10-song Spotify playlist on his official site. Every month McCartney posts a new tracklisting with a specific theme — with May spotlighting some of "Macca's" favorite "Bird"-themed songs he's tackled over the decades. The playlist was inspired by a fan, named Ella, who posed a question to the former-Beatle on Instagram regarding "the symbolism behind birds in his songs."

McCartney answered: "That really happens because from an early age I’ve actually loved birds. I grew up on a housing estate in Liverpool in very ordinary circumstances — but nearby where I lived there were woods and fields, so I used to get out there and always loved it when I saw birds, or their nests etc. I think one of the most memorable sights was seeing a skylark rising into the sky and singing its sweet song. So, the answer is I love birds but, in my songs, they sometimes turn into symbolic characters. There you go!"

The new playlist features a new tune snagged from the McCartney III – Reimagined set, the Damon Albarn remix of "Long Tailed Winter Bird." While promoting the set on his Instagram page, McCartney spoke about the critically acclaimed tribute album: ["They've all done it with a great freedom. Y'know, because it's lockdown, and I don't think anyone said to them — (adapts stern voice) 'You must do this! You must use Paul's drums!' Nobody gave any guidelines. They just, sort of, said, 'Well, y'know, have a go.' So, people have been very free. It's got an atmosphere, the album."] SOUNDCUE (:18 OC: . . . atmosphere the album)

Paul McCartney's "Birds" Spotify playlist for May 2021:

"Long Tailed Winter Bird" – McCartney III (2020)
"Back In Brazil" – Egypt Station (2018)
"Single Pigeon" – Red Rose Speedway (1973)
"Bluebird" – Band On The Run (1973)
"Long Tailed Winter Bird (Damon Albarn remix)" – McCartney III – Reimagined (2021)
"Great Cock And Seagull Race" – Wild Life (Super Deluxe Edition) – 2005 
"Jenny Wren" – Chaos And Creation In The Backyard (2005)
"Morse Moose And The Grey Goose" – London Town (1978)
"Blackbird" – The Beatles' "White Album" – (1968)
"Winter Bird / When Winter Comes" – McCartney III (2020)

Paul McCartney On The Vibe Of ‘McCartney III – Reimagined’ :