Paul McCartney: Nothing Synthetic About New Beatles Track


Paul McCartney took to his social media platforms to clear up any misconceptions about the upcoming, newly finished third Beatles reunion track, "Now And Then." Recently, McCartney, who in describing the effort to clean up and separate John Lennon's vocal from his primitive cassette demo tape, had explained the process as using "AI," causing some fans and press outlets to speculate the track might not feature authentic performances by Lennon and George Harrison recorded prior to their deaths.

Sean Lennon has already gone on record stating that nothing dubious or "fake" has taken place to finish the track.

McCartney's message to fans reads in full:

Been great to see such an exciting response to our forthcoming Beatles project. No one is more excited than us to be sharing something with you later in the year.

We've seen some confusion and speculation about it. Seems to be a lot of guess work out there. Can't say too much at this stage but to be clear, nothing has been artificially or synthetically created. It's all real and we all play on it. We cleaned up some existing recordings — a process which has gone on for years.

We do hope you love it as much as we do. Much news in due course.


Paul McCartney told us he feels that the younger generation of Beatles fans are now able to look at the group through fresh eyes — unlike longtime followers who have very strong and long-lasting opinions about the musical roles they played: ["You get an image. People don't wanna spend that long on you, so they kind of take a look at you and go, 'Yeah, OK, he's the 'ballad' one; John, yeah, he's the hard knock who does the rough stuff; and then George — he's mystical; Ringo, oh, he's funny and he drums.' Y'know, and so, that, like, that's about the attention span of most people. Unless you get the deep fans, who actually start to know."] SOUNDCUE (:19 OC: . . . start to know)