Paul McCartney Guitarist Confirms One-Man-Band Solo Album


Paul McCartney's lead guitarist Rusty Anderson has confirmed that the former-Beatle has recorded a one-man-band album while in isolation. Fans have been excited over the notion that McCartney has decided to record, what is presumed to be his McCartney III collection — and finally following up his legendary 1970 McCartney and 1980 McCartney II sets.

Rusty Anderson, who's been recording and performing with McCartney since 2001, appeared on the Tone-Talk podcast and confirmed the McCartney solo set: ["Paul said that he — 'cause we've been hangin' in Covid — he basically, kind of, finished a record. 'Cause he had, sort of, nothin' to do but go down to his studio and record (laughs), y'know? So, he sort of, did everything himself. I think there's a song that we ended up on, that we cut earlier."] SOUNDCUE (:15 OC: . . . we cut earlier)

No title or release date has been announced — but the collection will mark the first time "Macca" has handled all the instrumental duties for a full album, since his 2009 Fireman project, Electric Arguments.

TONE-TALK Rusty Anderson On 2020 Paul McCartney Solo Sessions :