Paul McCartney admitted that he feels some sort of higher power moving his songs through him. “Macca” appeared on Instagram Live with several of the collaborators featured on his just-released McCartney III Reimagined set. During his chat with St. Vincent, who covers the soulful “Women And Wives” on the album, he shed light on his historic songwriting partnership with John Lennon.

He recalled, “Me and John were very excited to work with each other. I could fill in anything he needed, he could fill in anything I needed, so I don’t really think we had too many forgettable songs. There was none of this 'well, I’ll see you tomorrow, and we’ll see what we can do.'”

McCartney remembered, “I'd go around with my guitar and write the song. It was very concise. I often say to young bands now 'just get the song done before you go in the studio, then you’re a cheap date, (and) the producer is going to love you. You’re not going to waste anybody’s time. Just go and bang the song out with all the energy.'”

Paul McCartney told St. Vincent, if at all possible, it's always best to finish your song in one sitting: “As you're writing a song and you'll get an idea and then the short of melody — if you're lucky — the, kind of, melody and the words, kind of suggest themselves. I always love that; a line that I don't have to work on — (sings) 'Hear me women and wives/hear me husbands and lovers' — I go, 'Oh yeah, that's good. That fits!' I kind of have to think it comes from another place. I always feel a little bit daft saying that — 'Oh, magical, all that. . .' But. . . How else are you gonna explain? There is some sort of force.” (:31 OC. . . sort of force

Paul McCartney On A Force Driving His Songs :