New Pete Townshend Webcast Taking Shape


It's looking as though Pete Townshend's new webcast, In The Bunker, might be debuting sooner than later. Townshend's wife, musician and orchestrator Rachel Fuller, had announced the pair would be reviving their In The Attic webcast from 2006, which morphed into a string of live hootenannys the following year, dubbed Attic Jams. Both the webcasts and club shows featured an eclectic range of singer/songwriters and friends. No premiere date for In The Bunker has been announced.

On her official Rachel Fuller Townshend Instagram page, she posted an update, which reads:

Pete and I will webcast live our new show alone. Without help. As the law dictates. Setting it all up. We will play in performances from the UK and USA shows unseen before. Virtual guests. It’s going to be so ridiculous it surely will not fail to entertain. Will keep you posted. Go follow @inthebunker2021 #lockdown #petetownshend #inthebunker #hunkerdown #wecandothis

We spoke with Pete Townshend during the groundbreaking, career-spanning In The Attic performances, and he told us that he found them both equally liberating and exhilarating: ["When we do the In The Attic show, the webcast shows, I feel as though, although I can feel the audience there — we can all feel the audience out there; I'm feel that I'm not accountable to their requirements. So, I can more or less, do what I like."] SOUNDCUE (:14 OC: . . . what I like)

Pete Townshend On Picking Songs For ‘In The Attic’ Webcasts :