New Jerry Garcia Compilation Raises Money For Covid Aid


Out now is a new compilation of Jerry Garcia solo tracks, titled My Sisters And Brothers. The set was complied in conjunction with the Jerry Garcia Foundation, which seeks to help raise funds for COVID-19 relief programs. My Sisters And Brothers is available via the foundation's OnlyLove record label and as a digital download. All streaming proceeds will support the Jerry Garcia Foundation's OnlyLove Relief Fund, which has been designated to assist in COVID-19 relief.

Jerry Garcia's daughter, Keelin Garcia and his former wife, Manasha, served as the project's producers, with Grateful Dead filmmaker Justin Kreutzmann — son of drummer Bill Kreutzmann — having directed the new lyric video for Garcia's 1972 solo classic, "The Wheel." For more information on My Sisters And Brothers, log on to

Jerry Garcia's daughter, Trixie Garcia, who remains involved in the Garcia estate, told us that the force of nature which her dad was still leaves her awestruck: ["He was huge. And every day is kind of a revelation about how far reaching his influence was and how timeless his contribution is and that this legacy that he built is gonna outlive me, y'know? I'm really looking into the distant future, y'know, to try to make sure everything, the music and stories get out there, y'know?"] SOUNDCUE (:21 OC: . . . out there y'know)

The tracklisting to Jerry Garcia's My Brothers And Sisters is:

"The Wheel"
"My Sisters and Brothers"
"Palm Sunday"
"I'll Be With Thee"
"Turtle Dove"
"Who Was John"
"Ride Mighty High"
"Magnificent Sanctuary Band"

Trixie Garcia On Jerry Garcia :