New David Crosby Album Features Donald Fagen And Michael McDonald Collaborations


David Crosby revealed that his upcoming solo album features contributions from both Michael McDonald and Steely Dan's Donald Fagen. Crosby, who's been recording the set with his keyboardist son James Raymond, told Record Collector: “At the moment, it looks like it's being called Lifting Force. It's mainly me, and James writing it, but Michael McDonald helped us write a song, called 'River Rise,' which he also sings on.”

“Croz” went on to say, “And I'd teased, wheeled, begged, and bothered Donald Fagen for some time, then finally he sent me a really good set of words. James and I wrote music to it and it's really scrumptious. It's called 'Rodriguez Tonight,' about a bandit.”

Ever the proud papa, Crosby added: “Wait 'til you hear the s*** James has written for this new record. It's stunningly f***ing good music.”

Over the past few years it's seemed as though as his peers started to slow down, David Crosby has only gained speed while going from strength to strength with amazingly relevant albums and performances. We asked him what's bringing on the newfound burst of inspiration: “The easy money would be to say, 'Well, I was all constrangled (sic) being in that group and as soon as I got outta the group, I blossomed.' I don't know if it's that simple. I think I was actually workin' on these tunes even while I was in Crosby, Stills, & Nash — but I don't think I had a venue for 'em there. I don't think they would've been, y'know, good to do with that group. Whichever way it was — that's what happened. I quit them and I started doing this and it's been spectacular as far as the writing goes. I've been just so lucky.”

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