New Bruce Springsteen Book Delves Into ‘All The Songs’


Set for publication on October 6th is the new book, Bruce Springsteen: All The Songs: The Story Behind Every Track. The tome was written by co-authors Philippe Margotin and Jean-Michel Guesdon, who are best known for their previous All The Songs books on the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin., the leading Springsteen fan website posted about the book, which spans nearly 50 years worth of albums, EP's, B-sides, archival releases, soundtrack songs, and more: "All The Songs purports to cover every single song that 'The Boss' has ever released. We must immediately note that there are holes here: yes to The Promise but no to The River outtakes from The Ties That Bind; yes to Tracks (and 18 Tracks) but no to The Essential Bruce Springsteen's Disc 3. That said, this enormous book remains a massive undertaking and a massive physical object, covering Springsteen releases up through Chapter And Verse and Western Stars (and including 'Rhinestone Cowboy') over its 672 pages."

Bruce Springsteen said that the stark and understated material on 1978's Darkness On The Edge Of Town album was a direct response to the sweeping and dramatic themes that were featured prominently throughout 1975's Born To Run: ["At some point I realized some basic thing; that maybe I was the guy who gets the guitar, I get the car, and I get the girl (laughs), y'know, and maybe I get to leave town. I get to get away, I get to escape, and I get to go down the highway, and you realize there's not a lot of traffic on the road (laughs). Y'know, the cars that are passing you by have those real dark tinted windows (laughs), and you can't see in 'em to well. Then you realize that it adds up to a big 'so what?' Y'know, whatever you're doing (laughs), it just adds up to a big 'so what?'] SOUNDCUE (:34 OC: . . . big so what)

Bruce Springsteen On ‘Darkness’ Songs :