Neil Young Releases ‘Way Down In The Rust Bucket’


Out today (February 26th) is Neil Young's new concert film and double disc, titled Way Down In The Rust Bucket. The concert featuring Young backed by Crazy Horse, came two months after Young's critically acclaimed Ragged Glory album. The set, which is part of Young's ongoing archival "Performance Series," was taped on November 13th, 1990 in front of a crowd of 800 lucky fans at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz, California.

The concert was filmed and recorded by Shakey Picture’s LA Johnson. The DVD includes a bonus track, "Cowgirl In the Sand."

Way Down In The Rust Bucket is being sold as a four-LP package, a two-CD edition, and a box set, which includes both formats and a DVD of the show.

During a chat with the Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum, Neil Young spoke about a longing for music to take a more organic path going forward: ["I really pray for a renaissance of real homemade music, where people actually play together and play off each other. That, to me, is what music's all about. And as we move more and more into the digital age of Pro Tools and putting things on a grid and organizing things and sampling and everything. . . I'm not puttin' it down, but I am sayin' that when they actually play together, that's a whole time that has to be preserved."] SOUNDCUE (:21 OC: . . . to be preserved)

Neil Young On Organic Music Making :